A Week in Dinners 2015 #3- Healthy Vibes

After the excesses of the bank holiday weekend and the realisation that my brother’s wedding is now next month, a healthy eating regime has been introduced with vigour!

As the week went on the plan relaxed as you’ll see but on the whole this was a “good” week.

(That roundup post for the last linky will happen very soon. I’m committing to it. Soon. Not now, soon.)



Quick Coconut & Basil Chicken 

It really is fantastic to add a new dish to the family rotation that everyone loves, so we eat it a lot now. It was a bank holiday so we all are together and this was a quick win, and one of two Derval O’Rourke recipes I made this week.

Thai Chicken with brown rice and stirfried veg

Winner Winner chicken dinner

Oh so healthy after the weekend’s excesses. I took two chicken breasts and bashed them, put Thai red curry paste on top and served with a fresh pack of mixed stirfry veg  and reheated rice from yesterday.

The kids had pasta bolognese from the freezer at their minder’s.

Hake and smashed potatoes with from Derval O’Rourke’s cookbook
Served with mangetout and baby corn and salad

This was gorgeous, so healthy but tasty. I feel like I have paid good money for dishes this like in restaurants. The kids were less impressed.

Pitta stuffed with stirfried vegetables and prawns

Prawn Pitta

The kids all had different freezer dinners in their childminder’s (Shepherd’s Pie, Meatballs and Pasta and Chorizo and Chickpea Stew)

Sausages, mashed potatoes, beans comfort food, we all ate at home, my husband was off work so he cooked. I didn’t photograph it I ate it so quickly after getting in from work.

Chili con carne

chili con carne

Chili con Carne

Two for the price of one, Dad made this Friday so we just had to reheat it and cook fresh rice, chili tastes better the next day. Daddy’s speciality with basmati rice. Clean plates all ’round.

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