The A-Z of Me

I’m often tagged in posts to share but I never seem to get around to doing them. Tonight, a toddler who requires my presence while her dad who usually stays with her is facilitating.

I was tagged by  Four Walls, Rainy Days. I tag Learnermama and Office Mum to join in. It is way harder than you think to write one of these posts and sound even vaguely interesting, but here goes nothing.


The A-Z of Me

A is for Apple. What? Not the most auspicious of starts but sure I’ll plough on. I do like apples, especially in crumble.

B is for Books. I love to read and co-founded a book club with my friend to keep  us reading. All I need to do is to catch up now. I’ve four unread books on my bedside locker, I’ve been reading Nora Webster by Colm Toibin for the last while.

C is for Chocolate. I’ve loved chocolate for years, my tastes have moved from Dime bars and Chomps to my current favourites of Moser Roth Orange and Almond from Aldi or Butterscotch from Green & Blacks.

D is for Duncannon, the village I grew up in and that I grow more fond of as the years pass.
E is for earrings. I’m never without them, usually this pair I got as a present (pic from Amazon) that I LOVE because they match everything and they’re very comfy to wear.

Image: Amazon

Image: Amazon

F is for French. I used to speak French, I studied it to degree level but never really got fluent.

G is for Gin. Gin and tonic is my drink at the moment, with cucumber please.

H is for hurling, my favourite sport but I’ve let my interest slide since having the kids.

I is for Internet. I *may* have an internet addiction issue. I remember the first time I went online, it was 1996 in the VAX lab in college and my husband and a friend introduced me to yahoo! The rest is history.J is for jellies. I can do serious damage to a bag of Haribo, Supermix are my favourite.

K is for The Killers –  Mr Brightside is one of my favourite songs ever. It also soothed my babies to sleep.

L is for Limerick, where I lived for 5 years while in college and where I met my husband a few years ago (cough).

M is for Mam, Mama and Mammy, my three children all call me different names, at least I know which one is calling me.

N is for New York, one of my favourite places, we spent the summer of 1997 there and had a ball. I’ve been back since and always feel so at home there, despite its size.

O is for Office. I work in an office, and have done since the last century. Big office, small office, country office, city office. The scary thing is that I actually always wanted to work in an office, and one of my favourite toys as a kid was this Petite Toy Office.
Petite office
P is for Paris. Another city I’ve lived in! Paris was home for 7 months when I was 19, it was a really eye-opening experience and I really loved it.

Q is for eh, quiz. I used to love table quizzes but hardly ever go any more. I once won a jigsaw of the Pope in a table quiz, and it wasn’t even a booby prize!

R is for Retail Therapy. I am both a believer and a practitioner.

S is for September, the busiest month in our house, both boys were born in September and our wedding anniversary as well as my brother and Dad’s birthday all fall in the month too.

T is for tea. I’m a fan of tea, Lyons Gold Blend is my favourite.

U is for ummm. I write that  lot in my blogposts. Sorry.

V is for vase. I got this vase as a present when I left a job a few years ago and I just love it still. It lives up very high since the kids arrived.

Image: Arnotts

Image: Arnotts

W is for Wexford. I am a very proud Wexford woman, both my parents are from the county too, and my children all have “Place of Birth: Wexford” on their passports.

X is for x-ray. I broke my big toe when I was 20. I was so convinced it was fine that I didn’t believe them til they showed me the results on the X-ray. They were right.

Y is for yogurt. I’m struggling now to come up with things. I say yo-gurt not yoghurt. I used to love hazelnut yogurt but these days give me a Glenisk Greek Style Blueberry or a Killowen Lemon Curd please.

Zzzz I really don’t get enough sleep, and it’s mostly my own fault. Hopefully this list will have helped you sleep.

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