Some Me:Time to Launch Netflix's "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" in London

You know that I’m part of the Netflix Stream Team and that I keep you updated on Netflix goings on from time to time. Apart from getting all the gossip on what’s coming up on Netflix which I love, occasionally we get to go to launches, or parties to celebrate a cartoon lemur’s birthday.

Well, Netflix surpassed themselves with this latest invite. Would I be interested in going to London for a day for some cocktails and pampering with mum-bloggers from all over Europe? I didn’t even hesitate for a millisecond. So thanks to my childminder taking the kids and my husband covering the evening,  I was able to get a 4.45am bus on Wednesday morning (my day off, yay) to Dublin Airport and fly to London with a lovely bunch of blogger friends. We were like over-excited kids in the airport, all incredulous that we were off for the day kid-free for some “me-time”. It was time for pain-au-chocolat.

Airport breakfast, great start to the day

After  a lot 0f few selfies we were London bound. We were met at the airport by drivers, two of whom had The Busy Mama’s name on signs, she’s well connected. We did the whole tourist thing so much, craning our necks out of the taxi window pointing out landmarks that our charming driver offered to bring us the long way around to the hotel to get in more landmarks, so we got to see the Millennium Dome (OK, the O2),  The Gherkin (My favourite), The Shard, the Houses of Parliament (or more importantly Big Ben), Downing Street, Buckingham Palace and the London Eye. It so easily could have been a day where we could have been anywhere going from airport to hotel to airport but with this impromptu tour we knew we were a long way from home and our normal lives. The theme continued for the day.

We arrived at Hotel Soho and were spoiled from the moment we arrived. We were handed cocktails and delicious canapés (the steak and chips on a stick was without doubt the best canapé I have ever tasted), and manicures and massages were on hand. (Well, the massages were head and shoulder massages, not hand massages). We took lots more photos. We drank some drinks. Then we were ushered into a fabulous screening room for the main event.

Me: TIME (Yes, I photographed a beermat)



Image: Netflix


The main event was the launch of a new Netflix Original Series- The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The series, a comedy, is based on the story of Kimmy, recently released from an underground bunker having been abducted fifteen years earlier. (If you think she looks familiar she was Erin in The US Office). Kimmy tires of the talkshow circuit and and decides to make a new life for herself, shedding her “Mole Women” identity. She stumbles into a job and an apartment by pure luck and her innocence and naivete leads to some humourous exchanges. She’s bright (check out her cardigan above), optimistic, childish, yet she’s the most aware character in the show. Kimmy is unbreakable, we could all learn for her. She’s got a wisdom that she’s not aware of and a way of helping others sort things out that’s endearing. Kimmy’s mantra is that you can stand anything for ten seconds, get through that ten seconds and concentrate on the next ten seconds. She’s right, break anything down into doable chunks and it’s possible. The series is light, and funny. There are some great lines and back stories. The other kooky characters have good lines and great back stories, and there’s a sense of mystery about a lot of them which keeps us watching. Having seen three episodes at the launch I’ve already dipped back in and watched two more. I want to know what happens next, doesn’t that say it all?

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is available for streaming on Netflix now.


Thanks so much to Nicola and the Netflix team who looked after us all so well.

Getting pampered

My Me Time Manicure (colour is Essie wicked )

My manicure (already destroyed). If you like the colour you can get it here Essie Wicked Nail Polish 15 ml (affiliate link).

London Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, also from a taxi



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