Easy Valentine Crafts



If it appears on this blog in a craft post you can be sure that it’s (a) easy and (b) not especially messy.**

**no craft invented is not messy, and no activity is not messy in my house


So here’s another “child led” craft idea, this time with a seasonal Valentine’s theme. This freestyle card decoration worked in our house from the toddler to the pre-schooler right up to the six-year-old and everyone was delighted with their results.

The different ages needed different levels of help and supervision but everyone kept busy.

I gave them each a sheet of black card. They complained that the card was black and that everything Valentiney had to be pink or red.



I helped each of them make a red heart, some with chalk, some with a paper outline.




Then I put some select bits from the make and do box on the table, pipecleaners, stickers, tissue paper, feathers and gave the kids a glue stick each. I was on hand for the heavy duty PVA glue jobs



The third chair belongs to Cathal who ducked when I took the photo as he dropped something shiny.


They each had firm ideas what they wanted to do to fill in their heart. Cathal loves using scissors so he chopped up pieces of paper and made this collage piece.




Ciarán decided to frame his with these jewel stickers that we got in the euro shop and liked the look of the scrunched up tissue paper.



And this one is Laoise’s I love the feather on it, and the yellow bits, the boys didn’t really approve of the yellow and said it was too Eastery. She shouted “No!” That told them!




Not a bad Sunday morning’s work.

The finished products

The finished products


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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