Week in Dinners 2015 #2


My linky has closed and you can view all the entries now. I’ll do a roundup post later in the week to share my favourite bits.

Looking over some of the linky entries I’m delighted to say that there are some very interesting dishes, and there is also lots of quick-fix food. It’s all about balance.

That’s real life.

Let’s share the word on real life dinners on real life tables, warts and all. We’re not all eating gourmet grub every night. We do take shortcuts, our children refuse their meals.

Here’s our week in dinners for the week before last. The kids bring their dinner to our childminder’s and eat it there, then get a snack when we get home in the evening.

Broccoli soup with baguette.
Try this recipe, you’ll be surprised how tasty it is.
The kids had leftover roast chicken, potatoes and vegetable at their childminder’s.


Poached Eggs
My husband was away, I ate dinner at work so I had a quick tea of poached eggs, beans and brown bread.
The kids had sausages, mashed potato and vegetables (cooked Sunday) at their minder’s

Baked Beef and Almond Curry
Baked Beef and Almond Curry
I tried this new recipe from a book I got the Christmas before last, Pat Whelan’s beef book. It’s a warm dish with lots of spice (cumin, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom) but it’s very mild which went down well here and the small girl seemed to enjoy it. The boys refused to taste initially, then one conceded and tasted a tiny bit to realise to his surprise that he loved it and had seconds! That NEVER happens.


Homemade Chicken Soup
I get tired by Thursday. In fact, this Thursday I came home from work sick at lunchtime. I had used up the last of Sunday’s chicken making soup the afternoon before and it was very welcome before I went to bed for the afternoon, and I had more of it later with brown bread. The kids brought pasta with tomato and chickpea sauce.


Toasted Cheese Sandwich
Too tired to cook, not hungry enough for takeaway and still under the weather, I had a cheese toastie (slathered in jalapeño relish) and it was magnificent. The kids brought chili con carne and rice from the freezer.


Spaghetti Bolognese
I took a family sized portion of bolognese from the freezer, cooked spaghetti. Clean plates, little washing up. Win.

Chicken, mash and vegetables.
I bought pre-prepared “chicken olives” from Supervalu (individual portions stuffed with stuffing and topped with a rasher) and we had of with broccoli, sweet potato, carrots and mashed potato. A hit.

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