A Week in Dinners, the first of 2015

I may not have shared a full “week in dinners” for a long time (In fact, the last time I did was August, one with a healthy twist) but I have been eating, and feeding my family – and sharing lots of meals on my Instagram feed. There are weeks when it’s bread and cheese or crackers and hummus for the adults while the kids eat their minder’s house, food that I make at the weekend and keep the freezer stacked with my batchcooking sessions.

Here’s another week in dinners, on a week where we tried to eat properly. Since I’m sharing this and I’m always looking for dinner inspiration I’m asking other bloggers to join my linky below to share what they eat in an average week, not a good fancy week, an average week. Check out the bottom of the post if you’d like to share.


Turkey steaks, rice, green veg for the grownups, cooked by my husband who was still off work. A good start to January. The kids had Beef and Chorizo Stew with mashed potato at their minder’s (All taken from the freezer)


I made omelettes for the grown-ups and had to make extra as the kids swiped them, despite having eaten their dinner before they got home. I made one tuna and sweetcorn and one mushroom omelette and we had them with green salad.  The kids had pasta with tomato and vegetable sauce (sauce from the freezer, pasta cooked Monday night) at their minder’s.

Omelette (olld photo) Image: Sinead Fox

Omelette (olld photo) Image: Sinead Fox


I was at home today on my wonderful parental leave day, so we got to eat a freshly made dinner. I planned Shepherd’s Pie but we had visitors so I cut out the last step and we had mince, potatoes and peas (ie desconstructed shepherd’s pie!). Clean plates all around.

Mince, spuds, peas

Mince, spuds, peas


We planned salmon green curry but by Thursday I was too excited after my appearance on UTV News and too busy responding to tweets and facebook messages to cook so we ate brown bread and cheese! (I’m hoping to have a link to the piece soon if you missed it). The kids had tortellini and pesto at their minder’s that I cooked on Wednesday night.


Takeaway pizza before we went to the local panto. They kids tucked in despite having had more mince, potatoes and peas that I’d cooked on Wednesday in their minder’s.


 Carbonara, I think. I can’t properly remember but it seems likely.


Sausage, Butterbean and Leek Casserole. A family favourite comfort dinner, the boy who had sworn off it before avoided the leeks and asked for extra. This is a great recipe, and some day I will take a nice photo of it. Try it, it freezes really well too.

Sausage, butterbean and leek casserole

Sausage, butterbean and leek casserole

That was our healthy start to the year, or the week at least.

Bumbles of Rice oneycomb

Want to take part? Here’s how:

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4. Tell all about five consecutive days of dinners. You don’t have to make all (or indeed any). Photos are nice but again, not essential. Don’t try to fancy it up, keep it real, it’ll probably make us all feel better.

5. Remember if you tweet or share on facebook use the hashtag #weekindinners


  1. Great, I love this series, lots of inspiration and I get to see what others are eating because I am naturally nosey/curious 😉 I’ll join in too

  2. Just realised how lucky I am that my minder is in charge of India’s dinner during the week. I could never be as organised as you!

  3. New inspiration for dinners yay! Will join in as well 🙂

  4. It’s really refreshing to see real dinners! I must remember to link up to this one

  5. Love having a nose in everyone’s kitchen!

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  10. Thanks for hosting this linky again. It’s great to see what other people are eating and to glean some inspiration!

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