New Year Non-Resolutions.

You’ve been waiting haven’t you? You knew I wouldn’t be able to help myself from doing a New Year’s resolutions post.

There’s a problem though. I don’t make resolutions. In fact, I make a point of telling everyone who asks that I don’t make resolutions. Resolutions sound serious, like something the UN would make. They’re scary and sound like there could be penalties for not complying.

No, resolutions are not for me.

However, I do like to dream up my “aspirations” for the year while I sit on the couch drinking wine on New Year’s Eve. (What, do people still go out on New Year’s Eve? But you’d miss Jools, it’s wrong. )

My issue with New Year’s resolutions is this. When you decide that you want to do these good, positive things you can do them. For yourself. Whenever you like. At any time of year. It can be on a Wednesday. It can be in July (unlikely, holiday time) or September (a good time to sort your life out). Whenever. You can decide and start. I’m not one for being told to resolve to be good in January.

However,  I didn’t follow that timeline this year. Instead, I  bemoaned my recently acquired half stone while confirming that the chocolates and wine and crisps every night will have to stop in a few days’ time, while consuming more of them. I know, I’m an idiot. But hey, I’m human. I have my failings, that’s what keeps you reading, right?

This is the last year of my thirties.  I feel like it’s my last year to “sort myself out” before I hit 40 (because it is). So here are my “aspirations” for the year before I turn 40. These shouldn’t be difficult to do, as I think that they are things that I actually want to do, so what’s stopping me? And sure, what better time of year is there to start?

My aspirations for 2015.

1. Do a 5k

Or maybe a 7k. I’ve run 2 10ks before, the last one in 2012. This isn’t as easy as you’d think, my pelvis still isn’t right since I was pregnant so I’ll need to do my physio exercises first to build up my strength. I need a goal. Then I’ll find a excuse to bail at the last moment. Where are my runners?

Me, running, 2012

Me, running, my last 10K in 2012

2. Look after myself more.

I’ll be revising my Nine things I need to do post. (which means that this list in a lot longer than it seems)

3. Read more books.

Small selection of the books

Small selection of the books at our holiday house

Not just to other people at bedtime. My reading really fell by the wayside last year and every time I read I book that I like I resolve, I mean aspire, to do it more.

4. Try to be less untidy.

I am naturally untidy. I don’t want to be. I must work on this.


Image: Debenhams

5. Husband time

We’re ten years married this year. Time to step back in time, and  talk to each other about non-kid stuff, and remember way back then 🙂

(This is not just a test to see if he reads the blog, honest.)

6. Make brown bread

I have a thing at the moment about wanting to make brown bread, and if I put it on the list then I am more likely to achieve one thing on the list.

Do you make resolutions? Or do you have aspirations? Tell all.


This post is part of a linky (click on the firework image above to get to all the posts) that Busy Helen from the Busy Mama’s blog is running to get people blogging about how they imagine their 2015. Helen is one of those wonderwomen who has three kids, works, blogs, cooks, KNITS, crochets, crafts, makes gifts like soap and generallly makes the rest of us feel inadequate while writing blogposts that make me squeal with laughter. I think you’d like her blog. It’s HERE.

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