Nine Things you DON'T need to do to have "the Perfect Family Christmas"

Yes, it’s one of those lazy list posts.

Better still, it’s a list of things that will make you feel better about yourself. Or take some of the pressure off yourself. Or that you can use against me. You decide.

Here is the definitive (but not exhaustive) list of things that you absolutely do not need to do to have “the Perfect Family Christmas”. This is because (a) the “Perfect Family Christmas” is a media invention (b) everyone’s “Perfect Family Christmas” is different and (c) less stress is good for everyone.

Everything on this list is a “nice to do” not a “must do”. Other things that are “nice to do” include drinking wine and watching Christmas movies with your kids. The choice is yours.


A list of 9 things that you do not need to do to have the “Perfect Family Christmas”.


1.  Make Homebaked Cakes. These are lovely, but people are paid to make them, and by buying yours you’re supporting local employment and keeping your kitchen cleaner.

2.  Coordinated wrapping themes. Gift bags all the way. Or whatever wrapping paper you put in the trolley in Aldi and last year’s leftovers.

3.  A new outfit for Christmas Day. Yet I reserve the right to buy one. And one each for the kids if I get time.

4.  Handmade gifts. I mean have you ever actually received any? Time thieves.

5.  Gingerbread Houses. Gingerbread baking and small children equals chaos. I learned this before- here‘s how.

6.  Make ANYTHING you’ve saved on Pinterest. Pinterest is only for looking at, not actually doing. Right? Right?

7.  Snow. Because in my 39 Christmases I’ve seen snow on Christmas Day once, yet my children ask when the Christmas snow is coming because all the Christmas TV specials have it. ENOUGH.

8.  A beautifully decorated house. Let the kids do it, you can blame credit them. Just wear sunglasses indoors.

9.  Prep all your own veg. Yes, I wrote that. Your kids will not even eat the braised red cabbage, so let Marks and Spencer cook it. It might even taste nicer.

Have a lovely Christmas!

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