What (These) Women Really Want For Christmas

It’s the time of year where every newspaper, website, magazine and blog has lists of things to buy people for Christmas, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon in an attempt to get what I’d really like for Christmas. (not really).

Then I realised that that would look a bit demanding so I asked some of my blogging friends if they’d share some gifts that are on their wish list this Christmas.

While Irish mammies are notorious for the standard response of “oh, don’t worry about me” when asked what they want for Christmas these ladies that I’ve asked were happy to make suggestions for the greater good. (And if anyone who’s buying them a gift is reading or has been forwarded this blogpost, please take the hint!)

Having seen all these fabulous suggestions this my list is getting very long but it’s OK, I’ve been very good. Honest.

These gifts are definitely not matronly or mammyish, they’re ideas from stylish ladies, talented crafters, home chefs, beauty lovers, avid readers, and most importantly, real women who are not promoting these goods, like some of the lists that you might see, but really would like to receive them.

I’ll go last, just so I can take inspiration from the others.

Andrea aka Office Mum

Readers of Office Mum the go-to blog for working mothers will know that Andrea is a stylish lady who loves her makeup, so it’s no surprise to see her list. Here it is, in her words:


Office Mum present pic with profile

Every Christmas, my three sisters and I buy one another the kind of treats that we love but usually can’t justify buying for ourselves. We are all magpies – anything that’s pretty or sparkly is a winner – and handily, we all have similar tastes. Here are some of the treats I’ve bought in recent years:

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for cheeks and lips (1 above) – these are gorgeous. Great choice of colours, lovely packaging, long-lasting, and they look great. Around €26 in Brown Thomas or House of Fraser.

Oasis Fluffy Sparkle Snood (2 above) – I have something like this and I love it. It’s warm and cosy and very pretty – the kind of thing I imagine wearing for a long walk on St. Stephen’s Day, even if in reality I just eat turkey sandwiches sitting by the fire. It’s around €25, available online or in Oasis stores and concessions.

Accessorize Bay Luxe Stretch Bracelet (3 above) – my sister bought me this a few years ago and I love wearing it – it’s very pretty and looks more expensive than its approx. €20 price-tag. Available in Accessorize.

Happy shopping!


Laura aka Dairy Free Kids

Dairy Free Kids collage




Laura from Dairy Free Kids, THE blog for anyone who has kids with dairy allergy intolerance, (and not just my blogging friend but my real-life-before-we-even-had-blogs-friend) has these suggestions:

For the busy mum who runs around looking after everyone all year. The body smoother from Green Angel (1 above) is luxurious and the closest thing you might get to actually getting some time at the spa. I have it on my Christmas wishlist and if I received it, it would encourage me to take some time for myself. Also if you choose this as a gift you need to give the busy lady some time out to soak in the bath. The body smoothers are made with natural salt and are exfoliating and moisturising for skin, hands and feet. There are three versions – Sunset, Sunrise and Recover each boasting different properties. A lovely product from an Irish company.

I love candles and especially love ones that smell like Christmas. This cinnamon yankee candle (2 above) is divine.
I always ask for ‘a good book’. I am in a book club so read what we choose all during the year, I like reading something different over the Christmas holidays. I generally pick something from the Amazon recommends section, as they are generally similar to what I’ve bought before. This year I’ve asked for The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden by Jonas Jonasson as I love the title and The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. (3 above)



Helen aka The Busy Mama

Next €22 (2)

Helen, the Busy Mama is crafty, not cunning, but properly crafty, like she knits and crochets, and handmakes all kinds of things, plus she blogs about it, in her own hilarious style, and she cooks meals that make my mouth water, oh and happens to have three small kids. Here are Helen’s Christmas wishes:

1. I love doing crafty courses. Two that I’ve done and loved were an Embroidery on with Maria Tapper at the wonderful The Constant Knitter on Francis Street in Dublin; and also a Knitting Finishing Class in Winnie’s Wool Shop, both as half day courses on a Saturday morning. Courses cost in the region of €25. It’s the perfect morning out – especially if I arrive home to a house that doesn’t look like a bomb hit it!
2 I love inkstamping on cards – it looks fab and is really simple. As we’re about to move house, I would love a personalised ink stamp with our new address, or a crafty one for stamping on handmade things. These cost between 15 and 30e on Etsy. A few examples and pretty pics are here: Custom Address Stamp; Custom Stamp Return address; and Care Label Custom Stamp.


Elizabeth aka Life at Hushabye Farm
Next €22 (3)
Elizabeth shares her life with her husband, four children and a herd of alpacas. She tells all about life on Hushabye Farm in County Offaly on her beautiful blog, showing her flair for cooking and telling of life how it really is, with honesty and sentimentality at once.
Elizabeth describes her suggestions as “clearly a wildly exciting list” and say that it’s the little things that make her happy, and I can really see where she’s coming from.

Over to Elizabeth:

My ideal gifts for €30 or under would be:

1. Le Creuset set of 4 Ramekins

2. Next Cosy Robin Pyjamas

3. The Irish Country Woman’s Craft Book (Bumbles says: Mercier Press have this for only €17.99 as I post, I’ve ready some great reviews of this book online.)


Naomi from Science Wows

Science Wows collage (1)

We are big fans of Naomi’s blog Science Wows in this house, where she brings science to life for kids in bite sized chunks covering physics, chemistry and biology, with mystery creatures and fizzy experiments making learning fun (and messy)  for kids.

Here’s Naomi’s contribution to the Christmas wishlists:

As a Mum it seems that this time of year is all about finding out what other people want and rushing around to get it. It is no harm though, while dashing around, to keep an eye out for any nice little presents you might like for yourself. My peripheral vision expands on the lead up to Christmas so while racing around the shops I am also compiling a “wish list” of things I would like to see in my own Christmas stocking.

Here are a few of my favourites…

1. I am delighted to see Rachael Ann Designs Jewellery is back in production,(1 above)  I have a number of these beautiful, handmade pieces in my Jewellery box. Irish made from Swarovski crystals there are so many pieces to choose from. My personal choice? I think this beautiful daisy ring (€30) would make an ideal stocking filler.

2. I have so many scarves of different colours and designs but there is always room for more. I cannot pass a display of scarves without taking a closer look. I find Dunnes’ Stores are great for their selection but if I was really going for something special it would have to be one of these from Renata Silk Time (2 above). These beautiful hand painted scarves are made by Galway based artist, Renata; they are priced from €20 to €55 and can be made to order. I have already bought one of Renata’s ties and a scarf as gifts for others but if I had to choose for myself think this autumnal leaves scarf is particularly beautiful .

3. I would really love to try making my own soap. Any project that combines a bit of craft and a bit of science really appeals to me. I found a book called “The Natural Soap Chef” (3 above) that looks so nice I am sure it would inspire me to finally take the leap and make my own. It is available on many sites but I found it here at Bomar Aromatherapy (an Irish Company) for €12.50.


Sadhbh from Where Wishes Come From

Where wishes collage1

Sadhbh is another crafty chick, and on her beautiful (and it really is beautiful) blog Where a Wishes Come From she writes (also beautifully) about celebrations, and craft ideas  and snippets from life with her twin girls. Here’s what Sadhbh had to say:

This Christmas I’m wishing for a special piece of jewellery from Ruby Robin Boutique. I’m totally mad about the way the maker encases preserved wildflowers in glass baubles. I love wildflowers and this jewellery really appeals to me. I would especially adore the dandelion wish necklace’ (in any of its variations) but they are a bit over-budget, at about €40. I’d very happily settle for a pair of dandelion wish earrings though, which sell for around €28 and would probably get much more wear – as I never leave the house without earrings in! All this wishing might be in vain though as her shop on Etsy is wildly popular and the pieces sell out almost the instant they’re uploaded. I’ll keep wishing all the same.

I also wish for Lena Dunham’s new book “Not that kind of girl”. I love Girls (the TV show) and think she’s a great inspiration. I’m so impressed with her writing and her accomplishments for someone so young.

Lucy aka Learnermama

Learnermama collage

Lucy’s tagline “because Mother Nature didn’t leave a manual”  always makes me smile. She’s busy compiling her own manual putting together guides to share now, on as diverse topics as c-sections and children’s birthday parties on her informative blog Learnermama.com. Here’s what Lucy chose:

1.       Notebook

I am a fiend for notebooks.  I probably have too many already but I love the ones from Nkuku such as this one

2.       Nail Polish

I recently bought two bottles of Rimmel Salon Pro and love it.  Would love to add to my collection and at only €6.49 maybe a selection of colours to add to my small collection to see me through 2015.

3.       An experience 

I love getting experience vouchers for Christmas.  Things I can use throughout the year.  Whether a voucher for my favourite restaurant or with a €30 budget a voucher for my local cinema Movies @ Swords

4.       Vodka

You can never go far wrong with buying a bottle of Smirnoff for me.


And finally- me 

Bumbles of Rice picks

What I really want for Christmas is extra sleep, the overnight disappearance of my mummy tummy and more sleep. Did I mention sleep? I’d also like for my children not to fight, and for me to be able to wake up, bounce out of bed and be  able to run 10K for leisure. (after my big sleep). But those things are priceless and not available to order online so for our “things you can actually buy that cost under €30” feature I had to think harder. Here’s my lot (not all are pictured as the picture would be pretty full)


1. I love pyjamas, comfy ones, in dark colours, nothing fussy, but ones that look nice. These ones from Next really fit the bill and are only €22.
2. A random kitchen utensil: I saw Rozanne Stevens use this Joseph Joseph Citrus Reamer with Pip-catching Cup at a cookery demonstration that I was earlier in the year and it’s been in my Amazon basket awaiting purchase since. It’s available in Debenhams and other Joseph stockists too, for around €15.

3. I always have lots of cookbooks on my list, this year features the old classic “Full and Plenty”, my mother has the original, available from Mercier Press and Domini Kemp’s Dinner.

4. The owners of La Cucina, the very popular Italian restaurant in Limerick are selling their “Real Italian Foodies” Christmas Gift Boxes online. Stuffed with Italian ingredients including their own fresh pasta sauces the boxes start at €35 and are worth every penny. Check out the full selection here.

5. Books, like, ones to read. Christmas is ruined if I don’t have a good book to hide in a corner with. This year I’ve my eye on “The Fault in our Stars”, I also asked RTE’s arts correspondent (herself an accomplished author) what she’d recommend and she tweeted me this list, so that’s my starting point.

6. Babysitting vouchers. No, seriously, Take my kids for 2 hours and let me drink hot lattes with friends or go to the cinema. Please. Please.

7. A manicure. Every Christmas I promise myself that I’ll get my nails done for Christmas but I can never find the time, so instead a voucher for one after Christmas would be ideal.

8. Make up: Careful with this one, as a rule lipgloss and nail polish are safe to buy, but this Clinique Power Lashes Mascara Set is on my Christmas list as it’s the mascara I wear every day (I HIGHLY recommend it for constant eye rubbers like me, it never smudges). It’s priced €25 in Boots

9. All the things on all the other lists above are all now on my list too !


Thanks a million to my blogger buddies who contribued to this post, make sure to check out their lovely blogs. Hopefully our lists will have given you inspiration!

Regular readers will know that I often link to Amazon and I’m now also a member of  Amazon Associates so here’s what you need to know about that: “Bumbles of Rice is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk.


I wasn’t asked to link to or mention the other suppliers listed in this post.




  1. Love it! What a great variety of ideas and it’s really interesting to see what people went for too – I will definitely be having a look at Ruby Robin as mentioned by Sadhbh. Great post, and verrrrrry pretty.

  2. Love it – it’s what people *actually* want at normal prices instead of some unreachable glossy mag list. I’ll be stealing a few of these

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  5. Some great ideas here and very interesting to hear from real women!

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    Oh dear you poor neglected thing!

  7. Helen, The Busy Mama

    Much belated ‘thanks’ and well done – the post is great! This really is bad news for any husband that gives over the 18th scarf in a row!!!

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