The Toys that really got played with last Christmas

The toys that really got played with

Last Christmas our house was invaded by so many toys, since they had been so good Santa delivered a large load, our kids have generous grandparents and lots of aunties and uncles as well and everyone knew that  small noses would be turned up at practical gifts so we had a toy flood. With so many new things it’s interesting to see what favourites emerge, and I’m always nervous that the most expensive thing that was begged for will get ignored (this is from experience).

Here’s  a list I jotted down (OK I typed in draft) towards the end of the school holidays to remind me of the big hits of Christmas 2013 in our house when Cathal was 3, Ciarán was 5 and Laoise was almost 6 months old. Maybe it will help you:

Crayola Glitter Crayons

Glitter Crayons

Image: Amazon

They’re crayons with built in glitter, so no mess but oh so sparkly. They spent hours marvelling at the sparkliness. They’re fairly widely available- I’ve seen them in local stationery and bookshops, we got ours from  Amazon last year- Glitter Crayons 16-Pack


Playdoh Diggin’ Rigs

The world is divided into the parents who let Playdoh into the house and those who don’t. We’re “letters in” – they love it and it keeps them occupied for ages so we put up with the inevitable mess. The dried up playdoh sweeps up easily so the only real calamity we’ve had is cord trousers being damaged from kneeling in it.

Cathal got the Diggin’ Rigs crane last year, and has asked for the Buzzsaw this year. They have the vehicle and then moulds with it to make bricks by putting the playdoh in and pressing it, so we had lots of playdoh walls. Nearly a year later this toy is still played with at least once a week. It’s carried by most toy shops and they’re often on offers. The Play-Doh Diggin Rigs Boomer The Fire Truck is reduced on Amazon at the moment.

Tesco Rescue Helicopter


Thanks Sarah!

Cathal had spied this months ago and had found it in three different Tesco stores and spent ages playing with it but forgot to ask Santa for it. By a complete coincidence my friend bought it for him. He adores it. He says he’ll share his other toys but that this is too special and important. He even fought a five year old (not his brother) for it!

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Jigsaws
Santa has a tough job in this house with two boys comparing what they got constantly so he was lucky to find Jake and the Neverland Pirates jigsaws in sizes suitable for both a 3 year old and a 5 year old. Because they both had them if one decided to play then the other did too, so they got twice as much play as normal.

Where’s Wally books


“Where’s Wally?”

Ciarán (5) spent hours and hours finding Wally and using Wally stickers. We all need some Wally in our lives!

The boys got a couple of annuals, the Disney Junior and Angry Birds ones among them. There are so many games and puzzles that Ciarán spent hours of quiet time with them. They’re definitely on the list this year, keep an eye out for bargains, they’re often on 3 for 2 offers in bookshops or supermarkets.




All the rage for Christmas Day Mass in Gorey this year

Seriously. It’s the cheap tat that they love. This kiddie head torches, bought in Munchkins Toy Shop in Gorey were worn to mass on Christmas Day, all the rage. The Euro shop ones for grown ups will also go down well.

Teething links



Laoise spent Christmas teething and these teething rings saved her, they’re very chewable and easy to manage for six-month-old hands. Amazon carry similar to the ones Santa brought her last year here-
“First Steps” 8 Piece Textured Learning Links 12m+ Great for Hand-Eye Coordination

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  1. Good list I love the glitter crayons, how cool!

  2. Am so getting me some glitter crayons! Very useful post. Thanks

  3. Annuals are a great idea – didn’t think of that at all until I read this post last night. My mother-in-law asked this morning what the kids would like for Christmas and we said annuals. Thanks for a great idea!

  4. Oooh! LOVE the glitter crayons. I haven’t seen those. Hubby is determined to get my girls into annuals this year as he has many fond memories of getting them when he was a child. Good to know they can still be a hit!

  5. Great post , keeping it simple with small kiddies always works best I think

  6. I’ve got one of those playdoh things on the list for my son, glad to hear they’re good. The glitter crayons might have to go into the little girl’s stocking!

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