Hairy Baby Clothing: T-Shirt Review and Giveaway

It’s always easy when someone contacts you to review a product that you have previously bought and loved, and that’s exactly what it was like when Hairy Baby asked if we’d like to try out their Christmas range.

We’ve been fans of the Cork based company for years now, pre-kids I already had my own “Fancy Paper Collector” t-shirt and the kids are the proud owners of “Local Legend”, “Any Craic?”, “Future GAA All-star”. The quality is excellent, the colours are vibrant and they wash great, but the hook that keeps bringing us back is the classic Irish phrases that appear. Like “Mine’s a ’99” and “”Who said Mass?”, and some classic GAA and Father Ted themed shirts too. Check out their t-shirts and other bits and pieces for sale on

We had lots fun choosing which t-shirts the kids wanted, I let the boys pick their own. Ciarán, reading over my shoulder immediately plumped for “Approved by Santa”. He knew what was important and was getting right in there.


Approved it says 🙂

Cathal was conflicted between what he wanted and what he thought the effect might be. The issue: He liked the sentiment of “Fill ‘er up Santa” but feared that Santy might think it was rude. No four-year-old wants to be seen as rude. In the end, following my reassurance, “Fill ‘er up” was ordered.


Nah, it’s not rude.

I got to choose Laoise’s. To my surprise there was no 18-24 months size which would be the ones I’d have chosen for Laoise so I went with “Dear Santa, define good” in age 2-3. I decided to choose the “girls’ fit” for her to see what the difference was, and it’s a lot more fitted that the boys’ version. You can see from the photos that it’s snug enough, although she has it on over a pinafore in that photo, and it’s a good long length.


Delighted to pose, and demanding more photos

I got Cathal who’s a small to average sized 4 year old age 4 and it’s perfect on him. Ciarán who’s a very tall six-year-old is wearing the age 8 size, if your child is on the tall side of average I’d definitely go up a size

The quality of Hairy Baby products has always meant that the €14 price tag for a single t-shirt for a child is justified, and they wash really well so ours are happily handed down from one child to the next.

One thing that I just loved was the packaging.  I’m a sucker for packaging and personality and Hairy Baby has it just right, with its own very distinctive, very Irish tone in its communications. For example, check out the best compliments slip I have ever seen.


Best compliments slip ever

The parcels themselves come wrapped in a lovely fold out cardboard package which has a colouring competition on it, a big hit here, although the fact that the three tshirts came in one box caused a little issue initially.


What a fab package

Hairy Baby They often run flash sales and discounts so if you’re a fan it’s worth following them on Facebook to keep up to date.

Merry (2)**Competition now over

Hairy Baby have given me one kids’ Christmas t-shirt (of your choice) as a competition prize. To enter click on the rafflecopter link below, and good luck! Check out the choice of kids’ Christmas t-shirts here and for babies up to 18 months here.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I was given three children’s sized t-shirts by Hairy Baby for the purpose of this review, and one additional kids’ t-shirt as a competition prize will be sent directly to the winner by Hairy Baby. I was not paid for this post and all opinions are my own.

**Competition now over**


Rafflecopter chose Sadhbh D. as the winner, congratulations Sadhbh!


  1. A ‘Define Good’ T-shirt would be very appropriate for a certain child in this house!

  2. I love rebels who dare Santa.As a child (a very, very, very, long time ago)my parents introduced the notion of SantY as a cross between St.Joseph and the Pookah (‘ the fella with the whisker ‘ ) who brought us a lot more (we were constantly reminded) than He did in THEIR day- which I’m sure was true.

    I’m cracking up at Cathal’s undiluted mercurial graphic and Laoise’s feminine wiley and coy (just wonderin’) query.
    It’s the divilish wit- isn’t it- so boldly challenging in an almost sheepish manner.

    Maybe a Christmas tee shirt for Grandad’s with a sooted Santa with a coal bag on his back enquiring;

    “OK Gramps – one lump or two? !!”


  3. Great prize, I love hairy baby. Count me in!

  4. They look lovely, any child would be delighted with them

  5. I’m Fierce Handy… my son says! Wicked prints x

  6. Love the Fill ‘er Up Santa t shirt, very hard to choose just one lol

  7. Dear Santa, define good in a 6 year old for a boy who definitely walks that line!

  8. Helen, The Busy Mama

    Loving all the kiddie ones but the ‘immersion’ one is my all time favourite!!

  9. It has to be Fill ‘er up Santa…..hilarious and would really suit my cheeky monkey! 🙂

  10. Ooh all so lovely, I’m in!

  11. Love laoises one. I’d get 3 of them for my munchkins!

  12. Fill ‘er up Santa

  13. I would ove Define Good’ T-shirt 🙂

  14. Love these tees! So hard to choose between them, but I love the ‘Define good’ one 🙂

  15. Love the Don’t stop Believin Santa one

  16. Antoinette Collins

    Count me in please! It’s going to be our 5 year old’s last Christmas as an only child as he’ll become a big brother in March. Want to make a big fuss of our superstar before we’re run off our feet with the new arrival! LOVE the fill er up t-shirt!!

  17. Fill er up santa

  18. id love the ‘define good’ tshirt for my son

  19. Our eldest had a ‘DefineGood…’ t-shirt that his younger brother will aptly be wearing this year. I’d love a matching one in the bigger size too though!

  20. Dear Santa, define good for my 2 year old I reckon! He’s a divil, I might aswell admit it.

  21. Hairy Baby are great!Lovely pics!

  22. Gorgeous pics! I like “define good” – deffo one for the toddler in my house

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