43 Things My Children Have Said Since I Kissed Them Goodnight

Image: Pixabay

Image: Pixabay

This is a list of most of the things that my children have said (or shouted) since I put them to bed. We said our prayers, read our stories, kissed goodnight and I tucked them in tight.

Then came this. Most of the dialogue was overheard from the next room, and directed by one boy at the other.

  1. You smell like reindeer poo.
  2. I do not.
  3. MAAAMM he said I smell like reindeer poo.
  4. The blue pillow is mine, I hate white ones, I hate all white things.
  5. Aaaargh! (x 32)
  6. Mama, I’m wearing the wrong underpants. I hate this one.
  7. That’s a silly name for a teddy.
  8. No it isn’t.
  9. I’m trying to get down from here.
  10. Maaaaam he put his bum near me.
  11. No I didn’t.
  12. Yes you DID!
  13. He’s being too loud.
  15. My bum is not wobbly.
  16. Get off my bed.
  17. Mammmm, can we have ten more minutes?
  18. Why not?
  19. You’re sooooo mean.
  20. Mam he woke Laoise.
  21. No, HE wake-ed her.
  22. I neeeeeeeeed you Mama.
  23. Can you wipe my bum?
  24. These bottoms are silly.
  25. I’m sleeping in my underpantses.
  26. We never made the Halloween slime.
  27. It’s not fair (x 76)
  28. But I need to make this tower right now.
  29. Have you ever seen a turkey vulture?
  30. Aw Mammmmmmm x 28
  31. My hair doesn’t really look like blonde does it?
  32. Thanks a LOT Mam (sarcastically)
  33. Why are you so mean to us?
  34. Can I have a drink of water?
  35. Is it nearly Christmas?
  36. OWWWWWW!
  37. I didn’t mean to Mam.
  38. I hitted my head.
  39. I need a hug.
  40. Night night mam.
  41. Mam, he’s asleep, can I have ten more minutes?
  43. Zzzzzz


DISCLOSURE: This post in no way is meant as a guilt trip for my husband who is out tonight, but merely as a reassurance to everyone else who experiences bedtimes like this (and possibly as blackmail material for my children when they grow up). Honest.


  1. Very funny

  2. Oh yes. I feel your pain. Actually, I find when I’m not stressed, I’m crying laughing at the bedtime conversations. When I am stressed, I just need it to STOP!

  3. You have a wonderful sense of humour! We have all had times like these! I love the thought of keeping a record to refer to in your speech when they turn 21! And not guilt trip on the hubby…lol!

  4. My mother had to sit in the top step of the staircase and listen as my little brother said goodnight to all his favourite drinks this went on every single night for at least ten minutes good night coca cola goodnight lucozade and on and on……………… He grew up and is now a psychiatrist and very rounded person. My youngest daughter and I made up a speil we used to say to eachother every night it stopped during teen years but we often remind eachother of the fun we had. Enjoy every second Sinead cos it flies.

  5. hahahahaha…. that’s even worse than my house. But wait… did I see that you didn’t make the Hallowe’en slime??? “Maaaaam is right!!”

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