Blog Awards Ireland 2014: Finalist !

Great news, I found out this afternoon that I’ve made it to the finals in the “Best Parenting Blog” category in the Irish Blog Awards.

I’m over the moon as I didn’t even make it to the shortlist last year or the year before. And get this, there’s a bonus category for all finalists which means that I’m also in the running for the “Best Blog” category, as the highest scoring finalist from all the other categories gets that.


I’ve my ticket got for the Awards party on 4th October but I daren’t dream to win, there is SERIOUS competition. Worse still the competition is from people I like, and blogs I read-  like my real life friend Laura (Dairyfreekids) who has been with me every step of the way since I had my first bumble and she had her first dairyfreekid ten days apart. And there are some great blogger friends of mine who I “met” first online and who’ve been so supportive along the way like Learnermama, Mind the Baby, and Minis & Mum. And that’s just the parenting category, there are so many worthy blogs shortlisted, if I start telling about Where Wishes Come From and The Nest in Craft, My Thoughts on a Page in Personal, Science Wows in Education and The Clotheslines in Humour….so, so many. (sorry if I forgot you, I love you all, it’s just that I’ve had three hours sleep and the voting is driving me crazy)

Meanwhile, voting CLOSES at midnight (at last, an end to the begging for votes) in the best blogpost category and my little old post on returning to work after maternity leave is still as I type hanging in there in the top ten, but others are gaining on it rapidly, so if you haven’t voted already I’d really, really appreciate the three clicks it’ll take, it’s incredibly close in the top eleven and I really don’t want to drop from the top ten now.

If  you have time for the three clicks PLEASE vote for my blogpost about returning to work after maternity leave, tag friends who might, or share this post to ask people to vote BUMBLES OF RICE by clicking the little circle before Bumbles of Rice then clicking Vote at the bottom of the page, here’s the link again

Thanks so much everyone, so much appreciated.

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