On Air: Newstalk interview with Dil on Global Village

Every now and then I have to pinch myself at the places I’ve found myself since I started this blog. I’m never shy to post about them here, but I do sometimes find it surreal to see my name in print or mentioned on air.

This Saturday night was one of those times. I was a guest of Dil Wickremasinghe on her programme Global Village on Newstalk FM. National radio, ooh!

I got dressed up  (or I thought I had, but when I came downstairs Ciarán asked my why I was wearing karate clothes, making me question the thick black obi belt on my dress). I kissed them goodbye, thanked my sister for minding them and ran. (thanks Grá for helping it happen!)

About ninety minutes later I pressed the buzzer on the door of Marconi House in Dublin 2 and told the security guard that I was there for Newstalk. I’ve done radio interviews before but they’ve always been over the phone so I was very excited to get to check out the studio.

After a wait chatting to other guests I was ushered in to the studio and was introduced to Dil just before the segment. Dil is such a pro, she made me feel so welcome and at ease it was just like chatting with a friend. The interview time flew, and I only realised when a friend texted me later that the in-studio camera meant that some people could see me as well as hear me. I hope I didn’t make any odd gestures or look like I was about to do any karate moves. 

We talked about the blog, about why Cathal thinks it’s so unfair that only girls get sparkly things and how he likes pink and, well listen to the newstalk logo below to hear what else, and to see how I sound! I’ve lots more thoughts on the “pink” issue after my conversation with Dil so watch this space. (My piece is from 27:10 on the file)



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