Bouncing back to school again

We’re later going back to school than many, and while our teachers have been slaving away for over a week the students only streamed in this morning to the crowded school yard to start the new term. We dashed in at the last minute, found the class, got into our own new líne next to our new teacher, in the place where the Senior Infants line up. All new again.

All the kids were so full of energy, jumping around, chatting to each other nineteen to the dozen and thrilled with themselves. New bags, shoes, uniforms all on show, fresh tans and haircuts. Us mammies looked at each other and agreed we’d had a great summer and how it had flown. We noticed how much the kids had grown. They bounced in, thrilled, willing us to leave.

I dashed back to the nearby playschool to meet Cathal who was waiting with his Daddy and small sister, he insisted that Mammy would be there too. He ran in, placed his schoolbag on the shelf where he knew it went from last year and ran over to his friends, playing in the toy kitchen, not giving us a second glance. He’ll go there every morning now, not just for the two sessions a week like last year.

We left for home with just the small girl, the two big boys gone out now every morning. Laoise looked lost as we walked away. She pointed back in to the playschool, she wanted to go play too.

This year isn’t a big year for us school wise. Starting Senior Infants and 5 mornings playschool aren’t meant to be big milestones. But this morning, coming back home with only one small person, I realise that my Cathal has moved on now. Our little sneaky hot chocolates after dropping Ciarán to school (don’t tell him), our toast or yogurt when we’d get in, our little chats in the car while Laoise snoozed have all passed. He’s growing up too, he’s delighted with himself, it’s me who’ll need to adjust, and help Laoise to too, she’s used to having him around.

Hot chocolate might help, for old times’ sake.

She's already sensing it...

She’s already sensing it…

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  1. I packed all three of mine off to school today. There was no backward glances… except from the Mum and Dad, who needed a coffee and bun to get over the shock of it all! Hope the hot chocolate eased things for you 🙂

  2. Every new year is a big milestone, for just the reasons you mention. LIfe shifts just a bit, every year, until one day you’re dropping them off at university. But savoring each of those milestones, day by day; intentionally loving every minute…that’s what makes all the change bearable. -Amy

  3. I’m actually judging this catagory this year so good luck to you and the other bloggers who were nominated

  4. Hope your little ones are all settled into their new routine. I still hate sending my gang back to school and I only have one left in National school!
    Watching these milestones is like a clock chiming, marking the moment. It makes us realise time is passing. But you’ve lots of time left with your little ones,and I’ve learned that even though they get older, and a lot taller, they will always be your little ones and you will always be their mom.

  5. Only having one, I didn’t have the drawn out thing of them going off one by one, but I vividly remember the first day being at home on my own for the first time in over three years. It was only for 3 hours but I spent most of it staring into space wondering what I was supposed to be doing…… mind you by day 2 that had passed! Hope the hot chocolate was good 🙂

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