Netflix Stream Team August Update: Musical Movies

I wouldn’t  call myself the world’s biggest fan of musicals yet I always do enjoy them when someone else makes me watch! The boys love singing along to anything and the tunes seem to stay with them for weeks, especially anything “poppy”.

As you’d expect Netflix has lots of musicals to offer, so make the popcorn and practice your scales!

Some musical suggestions from Netflix

Katy Perry The Movie Part of Me: The boys adore ROAR and replay it on youtube all the time, I’ll have to watch it first to make sure that it’s suitable for them

The  Muppets: All the Muppet movies have great song and dance numbers, and we love the nostalgia of them too.

Hello Dolly: A Classic. A classic that I’ve never seen, I’ve got to remedy this.

Dreamgirls: (available from 28th August) I’ve never seen this one but it’s on my “to watch” list for years now.

What’s your favourite muscial to watch on TV?


What we’re watching on Netflix this month

In our house the adults have been using Netflix to watch Orange is the New Black, and the boys have been watching the same cartoons over and over, their favourites Team Umizoomi and The Hive.  I’ve recently added Suits and the Woody Allen movie Annie Hall to my “to watch” list. 

We’ve started doing family movies on wet weekend days and it looks like they’re going to be more plentiful so I’ve earmarked a couple like Agent F.O.X., Tangled and Rango, but they’re likely to beg for their eleventy seventh viewing of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and as long as there’s popcorn we’ll agree.

Happy Viewing!

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Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and received a Netflix subscription and an Apple TV in return for posting Netflix updates and reviews, however, all opinions are my own, and I already had a personal subscription before joining the Stream Team.

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