Review: La Millou Stroller Liner from Fluffy Fields

I recently got the chance to test a product from Fluffy Fields, an Irish company which is distributing the beautiful La Millou Polish brand baby products.

Given the state of our six year old buggy I had already been looking for a nice stroller liner to freshen it up for days that were too warm for our buggysnuggle footmuff but hadn’t happened on anything right, so I was delighted to find that Fluffy Fields stocked exactly what I’d been looking for. They kindly also sent us the “angel wings” pillow to match too.

I picked the pattern that I wanted from the website (this took ages as they have some lovely bright colours and funky patterns) and received the package as promised a couple of days later. The packaging is just gorgeous, natural bags with different covered tags.


Pretty packaging

The stroller liner is a universal fit and has different slots to put your buggy straps through. The patterned side is cotton and the reverse a matching colour in a dimpled fleece- ours is lime green.


Stroller liner with lime green angel wings pillow attached on our 6 year old scruffy buggy. You can buy the stroller liner without the pillow too.

The quality of the products really is excellent, the colours vibrant and the feel of the fleecy side was so soft and luxurious. They’re well made too, and have a quality feel.


Well, she looks happy

Despite there being no instructions it was easy to fit the stroller liner to our buggy, clipping the buckles through and securing at the top with two ties. A word of caution though, there needs to be something at the top to tie the liner to, it didn’t work at all in our Phil & Ted’s Vibe as there was nothing to tie it to.


The top needs to be tied to secure it


Not a runner on our Phil and Ted Vibe, nothing to tie it to at the top so it’s hanging loose

I’m delighted with the stroller liner and with a retail price of €29.50, or €43.50 including the angel wings pillow (the pillow alone is €18.50 to buy separately). I would definitely have bought the stroller liner, I’m not really a big pillow fan for small kids, and didn’t really see the point of it on the buggy, Laoise just wanted to play with it. But then she turned her little head to the side, snuggled in to it, and fell asleep, thereby converting me. I think for a smaller baby who’s just moved from the lie flat position the pillow would definitely be a nice addition to the stroller liner, and while I wouldn’t have bought it before, I think it’s a lovely extra and have left it in situ on ours for snoozes.


I’m converted to the pillow!                  Image: Sinead Fox

I do wish that the stroller liner was a little bit longer, purely to show off more of that gorgeous pattern and hide more of my wrecked buggy as it approaches retirement age, But I expect that if it were it would make it too long for some buggies then, so you can’t have it all.

All in all the stroller liner really impressed me, and it is something that I would buy myself. Fluffy Fields have lots of other products on offer too, blankets, comforters, pillows and more, all available on their website. Check them out, and if you buy let me know which you choose!

Disclaimer: I was provided the products in this post free of charge for the purpose of a review. I wasn’t paid to do the review, and this review reflects my honest opinion.



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