Playtime: an Icy Rescue Mission

I follow Happy Hooligans on Facebook
and I’m forever saving cool activities that they do.

I loved the look of this one – Ice Age Bin so a couple of weeks ago when the sun was shining brightly I filled a plastic box about the size of a shoebox with water, threw in some items I had to hand- namely a couple of clothes pegs, a toy motorbike, a Bob the Builder figure, a plastic dinosaur, a medicine syringe and some plastic spoons into it and put it into the deep freeze.

I’d a vague intention of adding another layer when it was frozen but I didn’t get around to it.

We were out all day today and were hot after a car journey when we came home so I decided to unveil the ice block.

I got the boys to go into the garden to a plastic table.

Then, I presented them with a pot of warm water that I’d added a bit of green food colouring to, some plastic spoons and medicine syringes (the ones that come free in the medicine box).

I’d meant to give them salt too but I forgot.

I find with the boys what something is called really matters. So, instead of an ice dig we had a “rescue mission” to save the frozen toys. I told them that the green water was “magic water” and let them loose.

They worked together, made a plan, and got going with the syringes as they’re not usually allowed to touch them.

There were many, many refills of magic water so save yourself some time and make a few litres all at once (in the end I gave them a 2 litre milk container full).

Saving Bob the Builder was their first priority. They sprayed water, hacked and dug until he was free. They cheered loudly to celebrate his release, then kept going.

I was very impressed when I asked why they’d moved the table into the sun that they answered that the sun would help the ice melt faster Dr. How would be proud!

They were at it for about an hour while I got dinner sorted, they didn’t wait to free everything and suggested that next time I could make the block a bit smaller so it wouldn’t take quite so long.

This activity is so easy and low effort from a parent’s perspective and the boys loved it, we’ll definitely do it again.

Let me know if you try it too!





Bob is free

Melting remains

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