A Week in Dinners #7 and a chance for you to share yours!



This was an unusual dinner week here in the Bumbles House, I went back to work leaving the kids home with Dad for three days, and him in charge in the kitchen. It went well, so I’m happy to share 🙂 Here’s what we ate.

Chicken Bacon and Leek Pilaff
I spotted this Paul Flynn Lidl recipe in the paper in Mam’s and had all the ingredients at home except the mango chutney so decided to try it. I loved the texture and flavours and I’ll use the cooking method with lots of different combinations. The kids ate theirs without the mango chutney and sour cream sauce. It looked a bit anaemic so I served it with steamed broccoli and green beans to up the veg quantity, the kids mostly ignored the veg.

Chicken, Bacon & Leek Pilaff

Chicken, Bacon & Leek Pilaff

Chorizo pasta bake
Yes, another Paul Flynn Lidl recipe, I mentioned this a few weeks ago and thought it would become a regular on our menu and it has. We had garlic bread with it as the sauce is delicious to dip, if you haven’t tried this recipe already give it a go.

Chili con carne (by the Daddy of House)
A lovely warm comforting dinner awaited me when I got in from my first day back to work a big bumble of rice and a rich Chile con Carne. Laoise (10 months) couldn’t get enough of the meat and the boys always love this and think that maybe Daddy’s is nicer than Mammy’s. Controversial.

The boys love assembling their own dinner so fajitas are an instant hit. They prefer the Extra Mild (blue) old El Paso pack to anything I ever make myself so that’s what Dad had ready for us on Thursday evening, with cheese, tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce on the table.

Sausage bean and leek casserole with mash
This is one of my own favourites, and after 3 days at work I hoovered it up. There was a minor complaint from Ciarán about leeks but they were picked out and dinner eaten.

Pasta Pesto
The boys’ favourite, I was too lazy to jazz it up so we all had the simple pasta pesto after an afternoon at the playcentre.
Giant fusili pasta that we picked up in Lidl during their Italian week sparked a dinner table debate as to whether it was made BY giants or FOR giants. The result was inconclusive. I used the Aldi fresh pesto from the chiller and was very impressed with the taste. There were clean plates all round so we had choc ice bars to celebrate.

Pasta Pesto

Pasta Pesto

Duck with orange sauce, rosemary potatoes and steamed broccoli, baby corn and green beans.

Fancy or what? The kids had sausages instead of the duck! I loved this, the duck and sauce came from Supervalu own brand fancy range, (the name escapes me) and I would buy it again.


That was our week, what was yours like? I mentioned that I was planning to get everyone sharing their week’s dinners – here’s the info on that, please do share it, I’d love to get as many real dinners as possible featured, as fancy or as plain as they are. Don’t worry about what you had planned to eat, this is more about what actually happens, and is less about showing off and more about showing.

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