A Week’s Dinners #5


I’m being encouraged to keep sharing our real life meals, so here’s another post about them Due to an incident involving a splash, a toilet and a box of rice I didn’t get to photograph this week’s meals, or the ones that I did are on the big complicated camera, so use your imaginations.

Spaghetti Bolognese
I make it from scratch, I must share the recipe as since I’ve started using this one I’ve always stayed loyal to it. The boys love minced beef dinners and bolognese guarantees clean plates, which is rare enough in this house! This week the kids ate theirs at the childminder’s as they went for a “practice day” before I go back to work after Easter 🙁

Courgette Carbonara
Lazy dinner after a playdate, and delicious. In case you’ve missed it the recipe is here.

Sausage and Bean Casserole with French bread
Again, they’ll never refuse sausages so I often try different sausage casserole recipes to make it less boring for me. This was a new one that I’ll be sharing soon as it went down great. The boys loved dipping the bread in the tomatoey juices.

The only dinner this week that Laoise didn’t eat, extra mild fajitas from a pack. The boys like to pick and choose what they add to theirs, cheese, cucumber, lettuce, mayo, tomatoes are all on the table. Cathal might add cheese, Ciarán tries a bit of everything and overloads his wrap.

Meatballs (from Aldi) with homemade tomato sauce and fusili pasta
More pasta, more meat, more tomato sauce, grated cheese on top. Everyone happy 🙂

What have you been eating this week?
Do share your “barefaced” dinners.

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