A Week’s (Barefaced) Dinners #4


I blogged a few times about what we really ate for dinner and people seemed interested, and relieved that they were normal in not feeding their families gourmet food every night, so I took a note of this week’s meals again. The title is a reference to my blogpost last week about telling the barefaced truth on social media, here it is in it’s bare glory.


Prawn red curry
This was meant to be veggie but we had no chickpeas left. The boys refused to try it and ate rice in wraps. I loved it.


Slow cooker chicken casserole
Sounds delicious. Wasn’t. Despite cooking for 7.5 hours the turnip pieces were rock hard. I need to find some nice slow cooker recipes. On a positive note, Cathal enjoyed peeling the carrots.



Chicken, sweetcorn and sour cream with wholewheat penne.

I got this recipe in Paul Flynn’s new book and loved it. It uses precooked sliced chicken so it’s really quick and it tastes great. Definitely a new entry on our dinner rota.


Cottage pie
A big hit and Cathal’s absolutely favourite dinner. Laoise loves it too so it’s getting made a lot these days, and will be sure to feature when I start filling the freezer for my impending return to work (sob).



Pizza and Takeaway
My friend came to stay and instead of going out we ordered in, chinese. The boys ate before us and had their favourite Aldi Hawaiian pizza.

Baked Pasta with Chorizo, Tomatoes and Cream from the Paul Flynn Lidl cookbook that I’ve been raving about. It’s very simple to make and really delicious. Recipe is online here.

It was Mother’s Day so my boys (and girl) brought me out to eat to my favourite local restaurant The Kitchen. I had their “Roast Less Ordinary” Lamb with stuffing which delicious and left no washing up. The dish, per menu was “Wood-fired leg of Slaney Valley lamb w/tomato, mint and caramelised red onion stuffing and served with all the usual trimmings.”. The trimming were far from usual, green veg, red cabbage, giant yorkshire pudding and cripsy roast potatoes. I don’t know how I had room for my dessert (but I did).


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