A Bumbles Bulletin

There are lots of things that I want to share but haven’t gotten around to, again so here’s a little roundup, a bulletin of sorts to get them all off of my list (and my conscience).

This is Paul, Everest ready

This is Paul, Everest ready

Irish Seven Summits

Our friend Paul Devaney from Killoe in Longford is off to climb (to the very top) of Mount Everest. This would be amazing by itself, but it’s also his final climb in the Seven Summits challenge, where he will have climbed the highest peak in each of the seven continents.  Follow Paul’s adventures here and help out with his fundraising for the climb. He’s already raised over €30,000 for various charities doing the other six summits, and Liam’s Lodge is the chosen charity at the moment.

To think that we knew him when he was a wooly jumper clad student with a thick Longford accent 🙂

Good Luck Paul, looking forward to seeing the Everest selfie.

Bake for Brain Injury

Bake for Brain Injury

Bake for Brain Injury

Bake for Brain Injury are running bake sales this week 10th – 16th March. They tell me that they are encouraging as many people as possible to bake in their workplace, school or home for their friends and family to raise money for Acquired Brain Injury Ireland. It’s a cause very close to some of my friends so check it out here.

Sprint Spinning Studio

sprint logo

My friend Susan and her husband Shane recently opened their new business, a Spinning Studio in Gorey. I’m in awe of them for opening a business, and I’ve seen all the hard work that they have put into it. The place looks brilliant and it’s a new concept here in Gorey, a boutique spinning studio with scheduled classes that you can book online (so no rushing to class to find that it’s full when you get there) as well as private bookings available.  I’ll do a class soon guys, honest!

Have a look for yourself on their website or follow them on Facebook for some great motivational memes.

Studio Interior

Studio Interior

Blanco Nino

sample logo

The folks at Blanco Nino are building Europe’s first corn tortilla factory in County Dublin. I’m intrigued by the prospect so the project has caught my attention, not least for the slick promotion video. They’ll only be using non-GM Maize grown in Ireland too so it’s good for local economies They’ve a crowdfunding drive, (and a very nice video to watch) on their website – check it out here. (Now, I know nothing about investments so please don’t suggest that I’m peddling advice here, but check check it out yourself and see the concept)



Paul Devaney and Susan and Shane Prendergast are personal friends of mine.

I have not received payment of any type for mentioning any of the above businesses or events on my page and all opinions are my own.

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