Life in Lists: Things I have cleaned off my kitchen floor this week

I could do with their help Image Credit:

I could do with their help
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Since babygirl has gotten mobile it seems that I am cleaning the floor constantly to remove choking hazards or sticky messes that she can play in. We’re flying through kitchenroll and the anitbacterial spray is rarely out of my hands. I’m not used to mopping this often, despite owning what I considered at the time to be a life changing appliance, my steam mop just doesn’t get as much use as it should. Until now. A day doesn’t pass (in fact hardly an hour passes) but there is some major baby unfriendly spill that needs dealing with.

So, in an effort to take some good from all the wiping up I’ve compiled a list of some of the things that I have l cleaned off my kitchen floor in the last week or so.

I’m documenting it in the hope that I’ll look back in this wistfully in a few years when I have clean floors and miss all the mopping. Here’s hoping!


Things that I have cleaned off my kitchen floor this week:

  • a stood on frube – super stickiness, confirming that they are evil and they shall never enter the house again
  • a smashed jar of ploughman’s pickle – I didn’t even know we owned one but it flew out of the press, bounced off me and shattered into a gazillion deathly sharp splinters
  • one third of a bottle of sunflower oil – argggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, this was NOT me, this was a foraging three year old seeking biccies- he didn’t tell me til I slipped on it. It’s very very shiny
  • Playdoh, various colours
  • several glasses of juice, multiple flavours
  • broken GLASS bottle of malt vinegar – I’d love to blame a child for this but alas, it was me that broke it. Well, it has disinfectant properties doesn’t it? And it’s a nice change for the house to smell like a chipper rather than its normal smell
  • dried in Weetabix- aka cement
  • a smashed GLASS jar of pesto- ARRRRGHHHH stinky, greasy, oily mess, and glass travels so far, still finding bits
  • hot chocolate
  • a sticky marshmallow- leftover from hot chocolate, missed in the initial wipe up as it was hiding behind a chair leg
  • baby puke – pretty reasonably foreseesable
  • pee – ditto, sigh
  • Branflakes (many)
  • milk -no use crying over it, eh?


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