Quick Fix: Pesto Pizza Slices

I’m always looking for quick and easy lunches, but it’s hard to get the three year old to diversify from a ham sandwich or ham wrap. He know what he likes and sticks with it.

The boys are big pesto fans, their absolute favourite dinner is “pasta pesto”, and I encourage it as it’s so handy. Surprisingly, they prefer green pesto to red, and even the non vegetable eating one yums it up. But try to add it to a sandwich and there are confused looks and protestations.

That’s why this recipe was slightly risky, but it was well received so I’m sharing.

I had partbaked ciabatta left over after my big Christmas shop (I bought enough food for the town but ran out of milk) and I wanted to use it.

As a child I remember zany TV ads for frozen “French bread pizza” with bright graphics and loud pop music, these are, if you like, a classier version of those bright red, cardboard looking delicacies that I so craved in the 80’s.

So Pesto Pizza Slices were born. These work well as a quick lunch, or as a starter for a bigger meal. Fancy them up with goats cheese and sundried tomato, add ham, add spring onion. Let the kids assemble their one. Anything works.

Pesto Pizza Slices


Part baked ciabatta (as many as you need)
Jar of Pesto – about 1 teaspoon per half ciabatta, or more if you LOVE it
Grated Cheese (we used cheddar, but any melting cheese would work well) as much as you like

Preheat oven according to ciabatta pack instructions.

Slice each ciabatta in half, spread pesto on top, sprinkle with cheese.


ready for the oven

Cook in oven for slightly less than the pack instructions, the bread should cook nicely and the cheese melt.


I’ll take a better photo next time. It tastes good though

Um, all done. Enjoy.

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