Giving them what they deserve: Cookbook of the Week

I have a bit of a cookbook habit. It’s widely known, and I’m coming to terms with it. I just love them, the pretty pictures, the mouthwatering recipes, the perfect ingredient combinations.
I read them in bed. I tag pages with post it notes and write lists of recipes to try. Long lists.

About one fifth/sixth of my collection

My sister feeds my habit by letting me know the bargains from the book people dropped in to her office. The Book Depository tempt me by emailing if there’s a special offer on an item in my wishlist (I got “Make, Bake, Love” by Lily Higgins for €5 thanks to one such email). I borrow beautiful books from the library and photograph of transcribe the recipes that I want to try.

Last Christmas I received nine cookbooks as gifts. I was over the moon!

But time is short and there are so many unused cookbooks. They deserve better.

So, I’ve decided to use them. Sure I’ve loads of time on my hands on maternity leave (cough) and I am stuck in a bit of a recipe rut. Win win.

I hope to pick a book each week and cook something from it, perhaps a dinner, or maybe a cake, or just a side dish or sandwich. But something new. I’ll also give a little review, in case you’re in the market for a new cookbook for your collection:)


This week I’ve chosen Fay Ripley’s
“What’s for dinner” as my “cookbook of the week”, it was one of last year’s Christmas haul. I’m looking forward to getting into it and trying out a couple of the recipes.

Have you a habit like mine?

Any books that you’d like to see featured, nominations are open 🙂

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