Making Christmas special

Today’s Sun newspaper has a front page “revealing” that Nigella didn’t decorate her own Christmas tree and hired caterers. Did anyone actually think that she did?

Shock horror, a successful, wealthy career woman paid people to help her do things she didn’t have time to do! I would too!

This year we’ve been busy with baby and boys so I can confess/announce that despite my best laid plans there is no homemade Christmas cake in this house, no Christmas pudding, no christmas cookies for Santa lovingly baked by the boys, not a personally made mince pie.

I haven’t made the custard for the trifle from scratch, I bought prewhipped cream. I haven’t yet decided what’s for starters tomorrow but there’s lots in the fridge.

Usually this would bother me, I’d have baking plans, cooking schedules, I have even forayed into edible gifts territory a couple of times.

Not this year.

I’m surpressing my guilt for all the above and realise that it doesn’t matter a bit. The fact that my mince pies are “specially selected” won’t ruin Christmas, and they will still go down a treat with my salted caramel cream (from Aldi).

I love to have homemade treats but the kids are small and won’t notice the difference, they just want us on the couch with them or playing their board games. So we will.

Shortcuts make for a less stressed Mammy and a (slightly) less messed house. Happy Days.

Christmas is about spending time together and while I’d love to have gotten my bake on, making jigsaws and spelling names for tiny Christmas cards has been more important. That’s what will make it special for us all, doing things all together. Taking time together. Not stressing over making it special, just hanging out, eating chocolate for breakfast watching TV.

Excitement is very high here this morning, the boys’ eyes are twinkling and they’re out of great talking about what tonight will bring.

So, we’re going to kick back, relax and enjoy a guilt free Christmas, care to join us? (Disclaimer: this is not meant as an invitation to our house!)

Ho Ho Ho


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