Another Week in Dinners

I got lots of interaction from last week’s post on dinners so I decided to note what we ate this week to share our everyday dinner ideas.

Again, nothing pretty, nothing planned way in advance and nothing fancy.

Just real life what turned up on my plate dinners.

Chickpea and Courgette Red Curry with couscous
A veggie choice to start the week. My three year old vegetable abstainer devours chickpeas as long he’s allowed call them “big beans”. Grand so, “big bean and courgette red curry” for him. Couscous as Ciarán has decided he doesn’t like rice anymore. Oh well.

Bacon chops, turnips, peas, mashed potatoes
Easy peasy and old school.

Chicken breasts with creamy red pesto sauce and pasta
I rarely cook pasta with chicken so this was a bit of an experiment, it paid off so I’ll probably blog the recipe soon. I love trying new dishes and like it even better if the boys will eat them. They were skeptical about the need for chicken in this as they loved the “yummy pink sauce” so much.

Chicken in red pesto sauce with pasta

Chicken in red pesto sauce with pasta

Chili con Carne with basmati rice
Another big favourite in this house which usually delivers clean plates. I’ll have to watch what I put in the pot next time and share the recipe. Ciarán DOES like rice with Chili con Carne apparently.

Tuna pasta bake
Completely made up and thrown together on a Friday where the cupboards were a bit bare and I hadn’t defrosted anything. Also, an attempt to make sure we eat fish of some sort once a week for dinner. I sprinkled some cheese and onion crisps on the top and this really added a lovely crunch. For the adults we added sliced olives through ours for a more sophisticated feel. (ahem) Disclosure: Cathal (age 3) declared this “YOCK” and opted for (insisted on) pasta pesto. I was too tired to argue so kept some pasta from the pan for him and dolloped pesto on from the jar. One satisfied diner.


Tuna pasta bake fancied up with some olives

Ham and cheese toasties, homemade tomato soup – salad and oven chips on the table
After our day out at Ballycross we got home tired and hungry, so this was a quick meal that the boys devoured. I laid everything on the table, cucumber, pickles, salad bits and gave everyone a bowl of soup. The soup took about 15 minutes start to end and was “delicioso” according to the Dora fans.


Cathal’s toastie, he loves them crusts removed and cut into small pieces
(Image: Sinead Fox)

Roast chicken, frozen vegetables, boiled baby potatoes
We were out meeting friends for the day so picked up a cooked chicken from the supermarket, added boiled baby potatoes and frozen veg for a quick roast dinner. The boys complained that they were “the wrong potatoes” as they prefer mash.

Who knows what next week will bring to the dinner table?

What have you been eating this week?

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