Ten things you can do with a baby in your arms

Recent experience has taught me that there are two types of things in the world- those that can be done with a baby in your arms and those that can’t.


She’s worth it

List 1 – Ten things you can’t do with a baby in your arms.

1. Assist her older brothers in toilet matters (crucial as we are training the almost three year old at the moment)
2. Hang out the washing
3. Peel potatoes
4. Chop vegetables
5. Empty the bins
6. The ironing
7. Wrap a birthday present
8. Make a sandwich (the cutting bit gets you)
9. Dust
10. Wash the floor

However, these you can do.

List 2 – Ten things you can do with a baby in your arms.


1. Answer the door
2. Load the washing machine
3. Cuddle her (and other children)
4. Pee (in emergencies only)
5. Make a cup of tea (and eat a biscuit)
6. Hoover (if absolutely necessary)
7. Load the dishwasher
8. Tweet/email/Facebook
9. Dance
10. Put something in the oven (carefully)

List 1 reflects my to do list. List 2 reflects my done list. I like List 2 better.

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