A Bumble of Pink

I realise that some of you who read this blog may not know me in real life, nor follow me on twitter, nor be a Facebook fan and therefore you may be waiting with bated breath to see whether our new little “bumble” arrived and how we are all getting on. I realise too that some of you are just here for the traybake recipes, but I’ll use any excuse to show photos of my brood, and you can close this window now.


Introducing Laoise

On June 4th at 8.58am our DAUGHTER Laoise entered the world, and we simultaneously entered the world of pink and girliness. We’ve a whole new vocabulary -“Good girl” “her nappy”, words that were never uttered by us now roll off our tongues, after some beginners’ errors in the hospital. Obviously, she is the most beautiful little thing that we have ever seen and her Daddy and I tend to stare at her while she snoozes on our laps and agree that she is gorgeous.

It’s all change, we’re now parents of three, which suddenly feels terribly responsible. One of these days we’ll be expected to act like grown ups.

Laoise (pronounced Leesha for those of you “abroad”) has brought us such happiness already with her tiny features, little baby grunts and snuggles, and I’ve stayed in my newborn cocoon for longer than I ever did on the boys. The small boy adores his sister, the bigger one is feeling the burden of being the eldest of three now but is bearing up well. We are a family of five, and it feels like this is the way it was always meant to be.

Normal blogging will resume soon-ish, when my core muscles recover enough to lift saucepans and bend down to the oven. In meantime, here is a photo of the joys of my life, I’m back to my cocoon and eating all the biscuits that my visitors bring.

2013-06-12 14.14.35

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