Happy Christmas to All

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and also the busiest so if you were waiting for rakes of magical time saving tips from me to make your Christmas amazing, sorry. I’ve been too busy and too tired to post up all my Christmas recommendations but have lots for next year!

This year is the first that we’ll eat our Christmas dinner in our own house, and just the four of us. I have lots of magical memories of Christmas growing up and want to make the boys’ Christmases fun and start some little traditions of our own. Róisín Ingle’s article in yesterday’s Irish Times really resonated with me on the making of traditions.

Now, in our house Santy visits (despite Peppa Pig suggesting that Father Christmas might be in town) the boys leave him juice and a mince pie and we all head down the stairs together on Christmas morning to check out what he’s left. We’ll give the boys something small (to be opened after mass) but Santy is the man for the big stuff, and the stocking bits that somehow make the magic.

For me, my Irish Christmas would be incomplete without the following:
Shloer (sparkling grape drink, do they even sell it at any other time of year?)
Cheese and Crackers with relish
Pâté (not this year alas)
A pineapple in the fruitbowl
Getting the boys to help write Christmas cards
Pickles (this is my other half’s requirement but it’s grown on me)
Every crisp invented, and accompanying dips
Watching at least three films on TV that I’d never watch any other time
“Christmas clothes”
Mass “en famille” on Christmas morning
Hot buttered toast with a cuppa after mass
Deciding we don’t have enough decorations
Stuffing- easily my favourite part of Christmas dinner
Leftover sandwiches of turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce on white sliced pan with Pringles on the side and a glass of white wine
Chocolates- Celebrations are my favourite I think
Shaking presents (shame on me!)
Saying “Ho Ho Ho!” it’s my thing, it might (does) drive my siblings demented though.
Wearing Christmas cracker hats at Christmas dinner (preferably one that matches my outfit)

…I’ll add to this list over Christmas as things occur to me- what have I forgotten?

Happy Christmas to all, hope you have a restful and peaceful Christmas



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