Jelly “Pumpkins”

Every blog I see is full of fantastic Halloween recipes and treats these past weeks and I had lots planned in my head too, but a busy couple of weeks and a sick toddler meant that something had to give, so the recipes got parked.

Jelly’s always a quick fix though, and doable so one very basic idea did make it to fruition. There is a whole lot more that you can do with this idea, fill the bottom with berries or mush up the jelly for pumpkin brains. The orange shells could be filled with anything really, mousse, custard, sweeties, icecream, eton mess, fruit salad, you name it. They look good and Halloweeny with the pumpkin faces drawn on them.

You could add the fruit you remove from the orange to a fruit salad, but as I was scooping mine I had a four year old disposal unit standing beside me proclaiming the juiciness of the discarded orange pulp.

Let me know if you make these and how you filled yours.

Jelly “Pumpkins”
1 pack jelly, we used red for contrast, lime would be very seasonal.
Boiling water
One orange per person

Cut the top off each orange. Carefully scoop out the segments with a knife or spoon, if you have a small icecream scoop or a melon baller these would work great either. Be very careful not to pierce through the skin. Leave no orange flesh inside, just pith (the white part). Rinse the oranges inside and out and fill with water to check that there are no leaks, then dry the outsides. Then make the jelly according to the pack and pour into the orange shells. Place in the fridge to set, I sat mine in individual ramekins.

When set take the oranges out of the fridge, dry the outside with a kitchen towel and draw on pumpkin features with a black marker. Decorate the plate with Halloween sweeties to further impress your children. Prepare for chorus of “wow” as you reveal after dinner.



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