Sweetcorn Pancakes

The cutting I have of this recipe calls them “Sweetcorn Fritters” so I guess that’s what they are, but in our house we call them what we think they are, which is Sweetcorn Pancakes.  To me fritters are what you get the Chinese restaurant, deep fried fruit in batter, and they’re hard to explain to a three year old, so  Sweetcorn Pancakes it is.

We make these regularly for lunch,  on days when we are bored of sandwiches in all their forms or have simply run out of bread.  I let the boys do the mixing and I do the frying.   They are quick to make, very easy and use things that I normally have in the press.  I let the boys eat them with their fingers, dipping them into the ketchup or whatever sauce we decide to use, which definitely adds to their appeal.  My older lad eats 3 for lunch with some tomato and cucumber on the side, the smaller lad might manage 2.  This recipe makes about 9 depending on size so it’s enough for a nearly 2 year old, a nearly 4 year old and a Mammy (or Daddy) to have for lunch.  You can do the sums for your own combination of people.  They keep in the fridge and reheat and I expect that they would freeze well too but we never have any left over to test this theory.

You can make the recipe dairy free by subbing soy or rice milk for the milk.

I would credit the recipe if I knew where I had cut it out from, it’s possibly from a parenting magazine or maybe one of the ones you get free in the supermarket, I have it about four years.

Sweetcorn Pancakes


200g of canned sweetcorn (the small branded tin is 198g I think, which is perfect)
90g plain flour
1 egg
50 ml milk (I use full fat, low fat is fine)
Half a teaspoon of baking powder
1 tablespoon of sunflower oil to fry

Put the sweetcorn into a medium mixing bowl, then add all of the other ingredients except the sunflower oil into a bowl and mix them well together until they form a batter.

Heat the oil on a non stick frying pan at a medium heat (say 2 or 3 out of 5) and add the batter one dessertspoon at a time. As the batter goes onto the pan it’ll flatten to the size of a small burger. You should comfortably have three on the pan at the one time.  Allow to cook until bubbles form on the surface facing you (2 or 3 minutes) then flip over for about another minute until it’s golden.

Frying the pancakes

Then, make the next batch, keeping the first batch warm, or give the cooked ones to the kids and make your own. Serve with ketchup or sweet chili sauce, or whatever takes your fancy, and some salad on the side.

Patiently waiting for the photo to be taken

Patiently waiting for the photo to be taken

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