A Mumble about Bumbles

Wondering where the name for the blog came from? Here’s a mumble about the bumbles.

“Is it Chinese night?”

In August last year I went back to work with a five-day working week and a long commute. In those early weeks, when we were finding our feet and gradually filling the freezer, Friday night became takeaway night for the whole family.  This was new to the boys as takeaway had been the preserve of adult time up til then, but they became enthusiastic participants and truly believed that it should be every night.

The smaller lad, an undeniable carnivore, proved to be a chicken man in any form, but it was the Chinese that made a big impression on the older one. He’d beg to come to the Chinese restaurant to pick it up, charm the  waitress into handing over at least one lolly and possibly “One for me brudder” too.

We’d get home and he’d ask to help carry the bag in and would fish out the prawn crackers and give them pride of place on the table.  We’d all sit down and the two would tuck in to prawn crackers, in a slight disbelief that Mammy was saying these crisps were dinner.

The chicken balls were doled out, the small one handing his back with a direction to “open” for the batter to reveal the good stuff, batter discarded to the side of the bowl.  The older one, having eaten as many prawn crackers as he could get away with would then chow down on his rice. The rice from the Chinese fascinated him to begin with, we were calling it rice, but it wasn’t like any rice that he had known before.  To this three year old mind rice was brown and “fall-aparty”.  This new stuff was bright white, and fluffy and all stuck together in little “bumbles” (bundles) that he could eat with his fingers.  He would eat what was in front of him and then start sneaking bumbles from Daddy’s plate with a little mischievous chuckle.

I’ve written this in the past tense, but on Chinese days there’s still chicken balls being opened and bumbles being swiped at our kitchen table.

And that’s where the name of the blog comes from.

A homemade bumble


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  2. Lovely. Now I want sweet and sour chicken.

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  4. Ah, the cuteness. It was on my mind all this evening where the name came from.

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