A healthy treat we made today- “Protein Bites” from Wholesome Ireland

I’ve followed Wholesome Ireland’s blog for a while now and have tried a number of Caitriona’s recipes successfully. I saw one today that ticked my current boxes, i.e. I had the ingredients in the cupboard already and it sounded both easy and tasty, so I gave it a try.

Caitriona calls the recipe, which you can find you can find it here  “Protein Bites” but in my house that caused confusion in the inquisitive young chef so they were christened  “Peanut and seed treat balls”  (say what you see) and were a big hit.

I had the seeds in the press as I had picked them up in Aldi with the intention of topping loaves of bread with them or making lovely crusts for chicken or fish, neither of which I have done. They give the bites a lovely crunch and I think its the sesame ones that make the treat so addictive. We used dried cranberries as the fruit and they were gorgeous in the mix.  The recipe itself was beyond easy, and the advice in the original to watch the sesame seeds don’t burn came in very handy, they’d burn if you look away for a second I think.

We’ll definitely make these again, they’re in lunchboxes for tomorrow.  Thanks Caitriona.



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