What’s Your Dream Job?

One morning as I drove to work I heard a clip on the radio about “dream jobs”. It gave the results of a “survey” which reported that Irish women’s thought that Imelda May, Katie Taylor and Cecelia Ahern had the best jobs in the world.  (I found a report about it here- it’s sponsored by … Continue reading

Mischievious and Messy but OK.

There are days when she’s angelic. Then there are days when nothing is the way she decrees it should be, and she makes her annoyance known, loudly and clearly. “This dress”, “no, this boots”, “no, my clips” “I do” “‘nother coat” she said yesterday morning. We went for lunch, she spilled all the soup, everywhere. … Continue reading

A Wonderful Weekend in West Waterford 

  Last weekend, thanks to a very generous Granny who took the kids and a prize won nearly two years ago we had a child-free weekend away. It was glorious. We ate, we slept, we drank, we ate and we ate so much more. We were greedy for food, and greedy for sleep. We indulged … Continue reading