You’d think I’d know better

   You’d think that I’d know better than to wear a white jacket to work, and leave it on when I’m collecting the kids. I do. I usually take it off and leave it in the car. You’d think that I’d know better than to bring the three kids to Aldi on the way home … Continue reading

Thirty Nine.

Today, I turn thirty nine. (Happy Birthday to meeee) I was born at midday on a Friday, thirty nine years ago. I arrived by c-section, my parents’ first baby. Nearly forty years ago. (Happy Mammyversary Mam, Happy Daddyversary Dad) From today, I’ll be “forty next birthday”, “in my fortieth year”. The surprising thing is thatĀ I … Continue reading

Creamy Chicken and Broccoli Bake

    I’ve blogged a recipe for Chicken and Broccoli Bake before, in fact it’s the most popular recipe on the blog, possibly due to the fact that the words “very easy” appear in its title. You can find that recipe HERE. However, that recipe uses tinned soup and has been one of my very few (I’m … Continue reading

Some Days

Some days there’s no work or school so we have our day all together.  Some days we go to the beach and make castles and splash.  Some days we walk in the woods and collect sticks.     Some days we go to the park and swing and slide.  Some days we bake and get sticky, … Continue reading