Healthy No-Bake “Twix” Bars

    Last September I received the Happy Pear Cookbook to review and having loved the their healthy Caramel Slices and seeing Jill from Properfud raving about their healthy version of Twix bars I had to check them out. Jill was right, these are magnificent. And all they contain is fruit and nuts (and vanilla, and … Continue reading

Baked Beef and Almond Curry

I persist with trying to get the kids to eat curry. I also struggle to get stew into them. This meant that this dish, a curry, was a big risk. I ran out of some of the ingredients halfway through but I kept going. The boys saw the dinner and refused point blank to even … Continue reading

Mindful of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a bit a of buzzword at the moment. There are books on it, courses, TV programmes, mindfulness apps and podcasts. But it was only when I was asked to write about it that I realised I wasn’t really quite sure that I knew exactly what it was. Sure, I knew what the word … Continue reading

Surprisingly Delicious Broccoli Soup

I know, to most, broccoli soup sounds more like a threat than a tasty tea, but it doesn’t have to be that way. This recipe is really opened me to the idea. It’s quick and easy and uses only three ingredients (four if you count the oil). The result is a creamy bowl of moreish … Continue reading

Falling for a Sling

With a heavy heart last night I packaged up our Ergobaby sling to send to the lady who bought it from me online. A brown padded envelope with an address in Cork. I put it into a bag, inserted a little card with it and sighed deeply as I secured the envelope shut. We’d had some … Continue reading

24 Things No Parent Wants To Hear

I have three kids. They range in age from 6-and-a-bit to not quite 20 months yet. They are noisy. They all talk all the time (no idea where they got that from). I love the chats and the sweet singing, but there are some sounds that send me over the edge, that make my heart … Continue reading

A Week in Dinners, the first of 2015

I may not have shared a full “week in dinners” for a long time (In fact, the last time I did was August, one with a healthy twist) but I have been eating, and feeding my family – and sharing lots of meals on my Instagram feed. There are weeks when it’s bread and cheese … Continue reading