A Wonderful Weekend in West Waterford 

  Last weekend, thanks to a very generous Granny who took the kids and a prize won nearly two years ago we had a child-free weekend away. It was glorious. We ate, we slept, we drank, we ate and we ate so much more. We were greedy for food, and greedy for sleep. We indulged … Continue reading

55 Things I’ve asked myself since I had kids 

 Where’s the manual? Do all babies cry this much? Why didn’t anyone tell me? Why don’t babies come with teeth pre-installed?  Why don’t the packs of wipes ever close properly?  Where did all the money go?  What day is it?  Where’s my bag? Whose idea was this anyway?  Why hasn’t anyone invented nappies that … Continue reading

Key-ping my cool pays off at midterm

The boys were off school this week for midterm break and we’d lots of plans. On Monday morning we got up, each packed their own bag to go stay with Granny and Grandad (I checked them to ensure there was underwear and not just toys). We had breakfast (and second breakfast), lined the bags up … Continue reading

This Girl, My Girl.

This Girl, My Girl.  Chubby legs clad in bright tights, so strong as she climbs for a better view. Always wanting in on the action. Suggesting we make soup. Helping every step of the way, chopping, stirring, eating. Demanding her turn and her portion. This girl wants to help all the time. Even when it’s … Continue reading

Easy Valentine Crafts

  If it appears on this blog in a craft post you can be sure that it’s (a) easy and (b) not especially messy.** **no craft invented is not messy, and no activity is not messy in my house   So here’s another “child led” craft idea, this time with a seasonal Valentine’s theme. This … Continue reading