Can’t we all like pink?

We were in a bike shop recently, getting a puncture repaired on the buggy. My three and a half year old son, a proud bike owner since Christmas was eyeing up the kids’ bikes display. On one end there were blue and green and red bikes, with spiders and monsters on them. On the other, … Continue reading

School’s Out: Netflix Stream Team July Update

How are the summer holidays going for you? We’ve had a few wet days which have been declared “movie days” and the boys have chosen their favourites to watch. Despite the AppleTV remote constantly going missing (it’s sooo tiny) we’ve been getting good use out of our Netflix subscription. These days the boys are hooked … Continue reading

A break with kids in Duncannon

I was born and raised in the tiny village of Duncannon on the Hook Peninsula in South West County Wexford. The village is on the beach, has a small fishing harbour and is dominated by a Fort that originally dates from the late 16th century (I worked there as a tour guide one summer). It’s … Continue reading

Thinking about what people think

I had a tough day at the office today, except I wasn’t in the office, I was at home with the kids (and it wasn’t today either). There was a lot of whinging and whining. The whining woke the small girl 30 minutes into her nap so she was managing a sleep deficit all day. … Continue reading