A Week in Dinners #6 *junkfood alert*

I’ve shared our real life family dinners quite a few times now starting all the way back in October and then sporadically when I felt like it, or as an easy way to create blog content. Since I’m driving the honesty agenda a lot at the moment (had you noticed?) I thought I’d share last … Continue reading

Some Easter Ideas

Hello, remember me, I used to write a blog….Yes, it feels like it’s been a while since I wrote a “proper” blogpost. Things are busy, (aren’t they always?) I’m back to work next week and therefore I’m concentrating more on hanging out with the kids and ticking things off my “to do on maternity leave” … Continue reading

A Week’s Dinners #5

I’m being encouraged to keep sharing our real life meals, so here’s another post about them Due to an incident involving a splash, a toilet and a box of rice I didn’t get to photograph this week’s meals, or the ones that I did are on the big complicated camera, so use your imaginations. Monday … Continue reading