Nine things I need to do

Summer is fun, but it’s busy. It always is, with kids and work and summer things to do. Housework has been let lapse (I’m pretending it’s ever up to date). Paperwork hasn’t been filed (ditto, blame summer). It’s all in an admirable cause, everything tossed to one side in favour of outdoor pursuits and time spent … Continue reading

Should you bring your kids to music festivals?

A piece I wrote about bringing kids to our favourite music festival, Electric Picnic, was published on the yesterday. You can read it here Voting is still open for the Blog Awards. My post about returning to work after maternity leave has been nominated for “best blogpost” if you liked it I’d really appreciate … Continue reading

Giving “messy play” a go

When I first heard people talking about “messy play” I had a little chuckle. Not at the idea of messy play, but at the idea of play that was anything other than messy! But messy in this context means more than just untidy it seems, it’s slippery and slimy and wet and sticky. The experts … Continue reading

Some thoughts on starting school

Ciarán and I “collaborated” on a piece in yesterday’s Irish Independent. OK, I wrote it, he answered some questions I asked him and stole the show in the photos. (don’t tell the other two I said that). Here are the links if you’d like to read this brand new piece: My bit is called “Prepare … Continue reading

Can you spare me a vote?

This morning I found out that my blogpost returning to work after maternity leave has been nominated in the “Best Blogpost” category of the Irish Blog Awards. Needless to say, I’m delighted. The blog is also on the long list in the Parenting and Personal Blog categories. But the list of nominees is very long, … Continue reading