A Realistic Halloween Special

Some of you may be wondering when I’m going to start publishing my beautiful Halloween themed posts. You know, the baking, the crafts and the pumpkin-themed dinners. Cupcakes shaped like skulls, Bat stew, and make your own monster in three easy steps. Others will realise that that isn’t how it works around here. Bumbles of … Continue reading

Review: Fisher Price Smart Stages Car

We recently received the Fisher Price Smart Stages car for review. The Smart Stages range is comprised of the Smart Stages Chair, the Puppy’s Smart Train and the Smart Stages Car. The blurb tells us that the Smart Stages products are a ” brand new and innovative way for toddlers to discover the world, with the … Continue reading

Cooking with Kids: It’s not all about the cupcakes

  “Dad of five and Ireland and Munster Rugby legend, Ronan O’Gara is leading out the Ben’s Beginners programme, which seeks to encourage Irish mums and dads to get cooking with their children, and nurture a lifelong love for wholesome food. Ben’s Beginners believes that when parents and children move from setting the table to … Continue reading

Review: Smarty Cat Games

  Ciarán (6) is very curious about learning Irish and is fascinated by the Irish words for objects. Our holiday in Clifden this year exposed him to a lot of everyday Irish and tested his parents’ vocabulary to its (smaller than we thought) limit. There’s all these new words that weren’t invented before I did … Continue reading

Our 2014 visit to Ballycross Apple Farm

  We visited Ballycross Apple Farm last year and had a great day out so once the boys saw pumpkins appearing in the shops they suggested a return trip. A lot has changed since our first visit last year, so rather than just repost last year’s blogpost I’ve decided to do this little update. I’m … Continue reading

Scrambled Egg Muffins

In my neverending quest to think of things that my children might eat I googled “egg muffins”, and made these. They’re like mini-frittata, handy for breakfast or lunchboxes. My eldest wasn’t a fan but the smaller two loved them, Miss L seeking a third one. You can play around with the added ingredients, lots of … Continue reading